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I’d like to begin by saying I didn’t think I’d find myself here. “Here” being New York City at the ripe age of twenty-seven, as Single as my W2 form gently suggests, looking for love via speed dating. Yet, when I heard about Ambyr, the membership club with a mission to make speed dating cool again, I was intrigued.

When you hear the term ‘speed dating’ you probably have a reaction similar to mine–a memory from an old movie featuring checked-cloth laden tables-for-two and a revolving door of characters ranging from nervous nerd to deranged supervillain. Yet, there I was, off screen, grabbing myself a seat.

I’ve always been a social person who enjoys tasting multiple things on the menu, so you would think I’d find dating to be a fun hobby. But these days, the market for true love and decently priced urban living are nearly the same (read: impossible). I joke that I’ve been on over fifty first dates throughout Manahttan, Los Angeles and dare I say Brooklyn, where if one dude wasn’t droning on about his investment portfolio, another was judging me for ordering carbs. (You guessed it, that was LA guy.) So, with dating app burnout looming in the digital distance, what was there to lose?

Well, after 50 minutes, 2 cocktails and 10 conversations, here’s what I discovered (Spoiler: I didn’t meet my soul mate.)

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