I made a PowerPoint of my dating fails & there were a LOT – I’ve wasted hundreds of pounds & learnt basically nothing


A WOMAN has gone viral for making a PowerPoint presentation on her dating fails this year.

Amber, from the US, took inspiration from Spotify’s Wrapped playlist but instead decided to dissect her love life.


Amber decided to analyse how her dating life went this yearCredit: tiktok/@amberwavesofbrain
And it turns out it wasn't very good


And it turns out it wasn’t very goodCredit: tiktok/@amberwavesofbrain

She shared a video of her presentation on her TikTok account @amberwavesofbrain where it went viral with more than three million views.

Amber said: “2022 Dating Wrapped, if there’s one thing about me I love PowerPoint, and apparently a first date, because I went on 18.

She then revealed a pie chart of where she met her dates this year and said: “I met one in the wild we kissed at a bar on New Year’s Eve and things really went downhill from there.”

She met most of the men through dating apps, eight on Tinder, eight on Hinge and one on Facebook dating – which she doesn’t recommend trying.

“I would rather ask my father to buy me lingerie than go back on Facebook dating,” the dating whizz revealed.

She then broke down how many dates she went on with each guy, with the majority of contenders only lasting until the second date.

Next, Amber dissected what each date consisted of doing, with drinks and walks making the top two categories.

Statistically Amber ended most of the relationships, but 33% were ended by the men.

Amber also revealed she cried over just two of the 18 men she dated this year and coincidentally got two parking tickets while on dates this year.

The dating pro spent a total of $368.36 (£299.34) this year.

She added: “I wish I had not calculated this number, what could I have done with this money?

“Literally anything else would have been better.”

Evaluating her year in dating, Amber asked herself whether she had learnt anything, and her answer was ‘probably not.’

The viral video left many people in hysterics, however, there were some men who didn’t appreciate her ‘negative’ attitude.

One wrote: “This is iconic.”

A second person joked: “Probably the first PowerPoint I paid attention to from start to finish.”

A third penned: “Kudos for the data analysis. First power point presentation that I’ve actually been interested in today.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “you kind of come off as bitter and unlikeable. you literally didn’t say one positive thing in the entire video despite probably having many chances to.”

And another user added: “This presentation was GREAT! I LOVED IT!”

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