I asked a viral romance AI for dating tips – its responses made me squirm


TALKING to strangers on dating apps can be tricky and some people are turning to artificial intelligence for help.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported AI tools are helping singles with small talk so I decided to try one out for myself.


The AI bot can create dating app responses for youCredit: YourMove.ai
The AI is good if you're a big fan of cheesy chat-up lines


The AI is good if you’re a big fan of cheesy chat-up linesCredit: YourMove.ai

YourMove.ai describes itself as “AI-generated flirting support”.

Its website states: “Generate flirty (or thoughtful) responses and openers.

“So you can spend less time texting and more time dating.”

There’s a free version that gives you plenty of chances to ask for advice on replies and openers for your human date.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Dmitri Mirakyan, 28, and his 30-year-old business partner, Jeffrey Li, are responsible for creating Your Move.

Mirakyan was inspired by his lack of cunning flirt skills, describing himself as “colorblind – there are signals that other people are sending to each other that I just don’t see.”

The AI website gives you the option of being “flirty,” “funny,” or “formal”.

I decided to try out the flirty feature and set the “Intensity” to the maximum.

This was a move I slightly regretted as most of the generated sentences made me squirm.

I wouldn’t want to say them to another human let alone someone I wanted to date.

Cringeful examples included: “It’s like you belong in a fairytale, everything about you is so beautiful… from your gorgeous eyes to that stunning smile!”

The AI suggested I say this to a stranger at a bar: “Is your mom a baker? Because you’ve got all the right ingredients for the perfect date.”

I was also told I could say “So what date are we setting for our wedding? So what else should I know about you, apart from you’re cute?” to a total stranger.

And: “You must be a bourbon, because I’d like to take you out for some drinks.”

Your Move might not be for everyone but if you like cheesy chat-up lines I think I learned it’s the place to go.

Or, if you think you can flirt better than AI, you might want to stick to starting the conversation yourself.

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