I added a PowerPoint presentation to my Tinder profile – and it works


Meet the woman looking for love who made a PowerPoint presentation for her Tinder profile and says it’s boosted her matches and likes on the dating app.

Victoria Voos, 31, put together the slides in less than half an hour after seeing someone else do the same for their dating profile.

Her first slide includes a photo of herself with the title, “Five reasons why you should swipe right”. These include her witty humour, love of luxury items and being the owner of a cute dog.

Her presentation continues with her interests and favourite things such as watching horror and sci-fi movies and eating pickles.

Since uploading the slides to Tinder at the beginning of October, Victoria says she has been inundated with messages.

She now receives up to four “super likes” a day, she claims, after previously only getting three or four a year.

She’s hoping her new profile will help her find Mr Right and has even put together a template for others to use too.

Victoria, a social media manager and content creator from San Diego, California, said: “I love to be creative, so it didn’t take me long to put together.

“I created slides on my interests and made it clear that I like boujee things rather than being into active stuff. It’s been a great conversation starter.

“I’ve had up to four super likes in a day since putting it up. I think people appreciate the effort. I just hope it catches the attention of the good guys.”

Victoria Voos PowerPoint presentation for her Tinder profile

(Victoria Voos / SWNS)

Victoria says she often struggles in the dating world as a plus-sized woman.

“I’m plus sized and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea,” she said. “It’s hard finding someone who doesn’t just want to get laid by someone larger or is fatphobic.

“We can’t control the options out there but hopefully my profile will help me catch the right ones,” she said.

Victoria added: “I’ve had messages saying they love my PowerPoint and that it’s very professional and creative.

“I’ve had lots of conversations off the back of it. My advice to others when making a profile is that they include lots of interests about themselves because that will help them find the right fit.

“My friends have started using my template on their dating profiles.”


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