How to try the sponti-dating trend


Remember when we used to just grab a drink without weeks of schedule negotiation? When we’d see where the night takes us rather than sticking to a carefully curated date-night itinerary? That’s exactly what the new trend is encouraging singles to do.

“Embracing spontaneity is a great way to quickly establish whether you have chemistry rather than investing emotionally in the idea of someone you have never met,” says Hathorn. “It cuts out the endless small talk and scrolling and just fast-tracks you to meeting in person.”

Not unlike hard-ball dating, it involves a kind of time-saving directness by minimising confusion and mixed signals.

“During the pandemic, I think people had time to re-evaluate their dating lives and value how they spend their time more wisely,” Hathorn suggests. “Daters want more for themselves so are deciding to cut the crap and be much more upfront about things.”

After the regimental rules around lockdown dating, it’s no wonder people are ushering in a much more playful and exciting way of connecting, one that allows you to be present and live in the moment by being much more open to new experiences. 

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