How to take Ktestone’s Love Character test


Ktestone’s Love Character Test has been going viral on the platform, but how to take the viral quiz?

People have been going crazy over the latest quiz as many are convinced it accurately tells you the type of dating personality you have.

The news about the new quiz comes weeks after people tried taking the smile dating test on the same platform.

How to take Ktestone’s Love Character test

The Love Character Test can be taken on the Ktestone website. Once you go on the website, you have to choose your gender.

Following this, you will be presented with 12 questions. These include “when you go on a blind date, how do you do?” “when your friends ask you to go on a couple of date, what can be your reaction?” and many more.

Once you are done answering the 12 questions, you will be provided with your results.

How to translate the page

The original test is in Korean, but the page is usually automatically translated into English when you visit it. In case it doesn’t, follow the steps mentioned below:

If you are using an iPhone or Safari, do the following:

  • In the search bar at the top of the page, you will see a symbol that looks like this ‘AA’
  • Tap this and press ‘translate to English’
  • If the results page hasn’t been automatically updated, follow the above steps once again

If you are using Google, follow these steps:

  • In the search bar (where the URL is mentioned) you will see a Google sign which has “G” written on it
  • Click on it and select “English”

You can also try the smile dating test

Before this test became popular on the platform, people were in love with the smile dating test.

To take it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ktestone’s website to access the test
  2. Click on “Going to do a test”
  3. Answer the 12 questions in the quiz. They include: “When you have no plan for the weekend, what will you do?” Another is: “What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly?”

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