How to spot a ghoster. OkCupid data reveals how daters’… | by OkCupid | Oct, 2023


Almost everyone has fallen victim to ghosting — and probably has been a ghoster once or twice themselves. But there are some people who are more likely to do the ghosting than others. And just like with real ghosts, it can often be hard to spot them right at first.

Enter our OkCupid data. We crunched the numbers to find how daters’ responses to various OkCupid questions reveal how likely they are to keep a conversation going versus let it fizzle. In honor of the spooky season, here are a dozen ways to pick out the non-ghosters from the ghosters.


  • Daters who don’t like dressing up for Halloween are about 8% more likely to carry out a conversation than those who don’t.
  • Daters who prefer fruit over sweets are 23% more likely.
  • Daters who say they would run in the case of a zombie apocalypse are 6% more likely.
  • Daters who like scary movies are about 5% more likely.


  • Daters who identify as conservative versus liberal are 26% more likely.
  • Daters who do not prefer their date shares their political views are 12% more likely.


  • Daters who could say “I love you” before meeting in person are 21% more likely.
  • Daters who don’t believe in sparks are 25% more likely.
  • Daters looking for a relationship to last the rest of their lives versus a few months to a year are 11% more likely.
  • Daters who are like the idea of falling madly in love are 11% more likely.


  • Daters who want multiple children versus no children are 16% more likely.
  • Daters who value family over friends are 13% more likely.

Now that you know how to spot a ghost, download OkCupid and find a non-ghoster today!

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