How To Instantly Calm Relationship Anxiety (So You Can Relax & Find Love) | Dr. Perrin Elisha


Anxiety is a normal part of life, as well as a highly normal part of dating.

Why is dating and relationship anxiety so normal?

The answer lies in understanding our need for attachment bonds, those connections we make with the most important people in our lives — those we depend on for physical safety, emotional comfort, companionship and understanding.

Anxiety is a normal, healthy emotion because its presence at a low level is meant to trigger an awareness that our attachment figure is drifting far enough away, physically or emotionally, that it’s time to check-in.

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Understanding the purpose — and benefits — of anxiety

When you are dating with serious intentions, the inherent hopes are quite high, as are the stakes involved in forming a bond.

Close romantic relationships are our biggest investment and greatest resource in life. When hopes are high, any amount of disappointment can feel huge.

So a great deal of the normal anxiety people experience when they’re dating is simply the healthy awareness of potential disappointment that helps us measure our potential investment in someone new.

If you experience a level of anxiety that inhibits your dating life, I recommend beginning with the understanding that your anxiety is there for a biologically driven reason — to help you survive.

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