How to find love in a virtual world


Like many these days, 23-year old Anthony Tan met his current beau online. But what’s unique about their relationship, is it began in a metaverse he created.

“VR has really changed our lives,” smiled Tan, from behind his Flirtual avatar.

Flirtual is the name Tan and co-creator Kyle Farwell gave to the platform they built to help people find virtual love. It’s one of many VR worlds referred to generally as “the metaverse,” accessible via a computer or virtual reality goggles, where you can experience everything from firing someone to going to a concert.

The two men, who live in Windsor, Ont., dreamed up the idea in March of this year after 23-year-old Farwell also met someone special on an already existing VR chat platform.

“I got into VR and kind of stumbled into a relationship there. I had a good experience that I wanted to share with other people,” said Farwell.

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