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SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2022 / Dating is perhaps one of the most complicated maps any woman has to navigate to find the best partner. Good thing The Byars Company has set out to be the compass every woman needs in the game of romance.

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The Byars Company was built to empower and help women to grow outside their comfort zones and implement sustainable changes in their lives in an effort for them to find lasting romantic relationships. Founded by Charlene Byars, the company offers programs designed to change the way women approach dating, manage their romantic relationships, and guide them to find their soul-aligned partner. The company’s most popular course, Chosen, has been instrumental in helping single women heal from past heartbreaks and realign themselves with a new partner by tackling the root cause of their pain, ensuring that the journey is not only effective but empowering and transformational.

The Byars Company’s programs are rooted in the belief that 95% of a relationship’s success relies on who one chooses as a partner from the beginning. Thus, its programs are created to help women find their ideal match and equip them with communication tools to reveal their true selves, allowing them to build their relationships with transparency and honesty from the very beginning. Charlene and her team revolutionize how women approach dating and help them to become more proactive in finding their ideal partners.

“As a relationship and dating coach who creates programs that help women do the deep work and tap into their full feminine embodiment, I get to the root cause. Other coaches tell women to change everything about themselves to find a lasting relationship. To me, that’s nonsense. It has women faking it and not showing up as their true, authentic selves. I’m not here to give women tips, tricks or gimmicks that are supposed to work with men,” said Charlene. “We are here to help women dive deep, heal past hurts, and move forward with an entirely new perspective about relationships and men.”

In a world overshadowed by digital connectivity, The Byars Company helps its clients find authenticity, especially those who have gone through heart-shattering experiences, such as divorce or being cheated on. Through her Aligned Partner Attraction Formula, the founder guides women through four key principles that help them turn their dream relationship into reality and believe in love again, and it all starts by building themselves first. Charlene believes that romantic relationships play integral parts in a woman’s success, be it in business, raising children, or making any big decision. As a mother and a wife herself, the CEO has made it her mission to help others find the best path for them to become the best version of themselves.

“I know from my own personal journey of finding my soul-aligned partner that this was something very special that I can offer,” she said. “I wanted to create a brand that would truly empower women, single women looking for true alignment with their lover. I wanted to have them heal from past hurts and move forward to have the time of their lives. I wanted women to ultimately attract exactly who they connect with in all ways.”

The Byars Company is truly making a massive difference in women’s lives, from helping them activate relationship polarity, and healing, to embodying the true essence of their femininity to build better lives.


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