How Love Is Blind Season 3’s Zanab & Cole Fit Their Zodiac Signs


Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett’s relationship went down in flames on Love Is Blind season 3, but although they were incompatible for several reasons, their respective zodiac signs might have also played a hand in their demise. When Zanab and Cole met in the Love Is Blind pods, they were initially attracted to each other’s different personalities; while Zanab was interested in Cole’s lighthearted and upbeat persona, Cole turned down Colleen Reed for Zanab’s maturity and reserved nature.


Zanab and Cole shared a physical spark when they finally met in person on Love Is Blind season 3, but cracks soon began to appear in their short relationship. Although they enjoyed their honeymoon, Zanab and Cole’s clear incompatibility became obvious when they attempted to communicate; Zanab found Cole to be immature, while Cole quickly labeled Zanab as passive-aggressive. In the end, Colleen Reed got married to Matt Bolton, while Zanab left Cole at the altar. Things got worse for the former couple at the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion after Zanab accused Cole of manipulation and abuse, and understandably, the two haven’t spoken since they taped the reunion. As two strong-willed people with two strong zodiac signs, here’s how Zanab and Cole fit their astrology charts when they appeared on Love Is Blind.

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Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jaffrey Is A Tough & Independent Aries

Based on an Instagram post from 2019, Zanab, who ultimately went from fan favorite to Love Is Blind season 3 villain, was born on March 30, which makes her an Aries. As a Fire sign, Aries individuals are typically regarded as passionate, determined, confident, and direct in their personal and professional relationships. Although these characteristics typically help people with the Aries zodiac sign assume leadership roles, one downfall is that they can come off as arrogant and hot-tempered. Zanab’s Aries personality came through multiple times on Love Is Blind season 3, as while she was self-assured in what she wanted out of her relationship with Cole, there were several times she came off as particularly abrasive.

Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett Is A Playful & Ambitious Taurus

According to his Instagram, Cole, who resembles Matt Barnett from Love Is Blind season 1, is a Taurus who was born on April 23. An Earth sign like Capricorn and Virgo, Taurus individuals are known to be hardworking, ambitious, reliable, and devoted. While Taurus partners are thought to excel romantically because of their stability and sensibility, however, they can be stubborn and materialistic to a fault. These personality traits were exemplified by Cole on Love Is Blind season 3, as while he marched to the beat of his own drum, his independence frequently got him into trouble. Cole was particularly criticized when he admitted Colleen and Raven Ross were more attractive than Zanab, for example, although he was emotionally remorseful for his actions at the reunion.

Unfortunately, only two Love Is Blind season 3 couples remain after Raven and SK Alagbada recently split: Colleen and Matt, and Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux. Viewers have complained about several Love Is Blind contestants over the past three seasons and have regarded the social experiment as a failure, and while Zanab and Cole initially interested fans, they ultimately weren’t meant to be together. Although Zanab and Cole’s dramatic Love Is Blind journey has come to a close, the drama online after Love Is Blind season 3 is far from over.

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