Hot for herbivores? Grazer, the dating app for vegans looking for meat-free love | News


It is difficult to find a plant-based lover. “Most vegans wouldn’t date a meat-eater,” said Lewis Foster, who has been vegan since 2011.

Dating was something that came up often in conversation among his peers: other vegans were difficult to find, and non-vegans could be difficult to go out with. When do you drop the “V bomb”? Should you bring up those slaughterhouse videos on a first date? And kissing can be tricky, Foster added, “especially if they’ve just had a bacon sandwich. It’s not ideal.”

So Foster, 33, created Grazer, a dating app to help vegans find and — ethically — get off with each other.

First dreamt up in 2017, it went mainstream in November 2022 after raising nearly £500,000 from private investors.

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