Here’s everyone who’s had dating rumours with BTS’ V


While V has kept his dating life on hold for the past few years, the BTS member has been involved in his fair share of dating rumors. Right from his debut days, speculations have been made about the singer’s love life.

While V has never confirmed a relationship during his time as an idol, the singer has had several dating scandals. Here’s a look at the BTS member’s dating scandal history.

Blackpink’s Jennie (2022 -)

The latest addition to this list, V and Jennie have been embroiled in dating rumours for the past few weeks. From alleged leaked pictures of the two idols together to rumours that they were travelling to New York together, there is no end to the speculations surrounding their alleged relationship.

With both YG Entertainment and HYBE not releasing a direct statement on the subject, their relationship remains a mystery. YG Entertainment did, however, indirectly address the rumours once.

Oracle Sister’s Julia Johansen (2022)

Back in June this year, speculations of V dating Julia Johansen, from the band Oracle Sisters, started circulating due to their story captioned, “First date – Julia & V.” However, Julia immediately clarified the issue saying, “Guys, the ‘date’ was a joke by my bandmate… We went for drinks with @utzpeter @lalalalisa_m @thv @mileskane before a fashion show… Peace and love.”

Choi Yoon Jung’s daughter (2021)

In 2021, rumours spread that V was dating the daughter of Paradise Group’s chairman Phillip Chun. The BTS member had been seen with Chun’s daughter and wife, Choi Yoon Jung, after attending the opening exhibit for the Korea International Art Fair. While V indirectly denied these rumours via Weverse, his label HYBE officially denied them, saying, “V and the family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung are only acquaintances, the dating rumors are not true.”

TWICE’s Tzuyu (2019)

For a brief period, there were dating rumours between TWICE’s maknae Tzuyu and the BTS member. Numerous video compilations of their encounters were made, however, it seems that everything was only fans’ perception as there is no relationship between the two.

Red Velvet’s Joy (2014-2019)

For the longest time, netizens have linked V with Red Velvet’s Joy. The duo have coincided in various events, leading netizens to speculate about their relationship. However, given Joy’s current relationship with R&B singer Crush, V and Joy’s dating rumours are mere speculations.

Hi Nuna (2014-2015)

The BTS member had a major dating scandal with a fan during his debut days. Rumours started when fans realized that V would allegedly use gifts that she had given, write letters specifically for her and almost always mention her in fansigns. However, Bighit Entertainment had strongly denied the dating rumours between the duo.

Blackpink’s Lisa

They’ve had a strange history of scandals together. While some reports stated that they are dating, others claimed that they have a major feud.

However, their recent trip to Paris seems to indicate that they are simply good friends.

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