Harmonize should try dating younger women after Kajala pulls major character development on him


Harmonize says he was madly in love with Kajala to a point he even wrote her a song as a dedication to their love….. but wait..wait…he did the same for Wolper and ex wife Sarah Michelloti – so i guess nothing so special about Kajala, right?

Wolper with ex boyfriend, Harmonize

Okay – we might think that but unlike his ex bff Diamond Platnumz who is a player, Harmonize is a hopeless romantic fella who has always had an eye on older women and when he finds his type – Harmonize goes all the way until maybe he gets bored or better.

Since his career picked, we have never seen him with a younger lady than him….maybe because he avoids drama or maybe….he likes getting pampered by the older ones who already have enough experience, but problem is – he cant seem to keep them.

Harmonize with ex wife and former mother in law

Date his agemates

Well, speaking about his latest breakup – one of his trusted friends recently revealed that Harmonize called off the relationship after realizing Kajala was never real with him.

From the stories making rounds online is that Kajala was after something (money and wealth) and not Harmonize’s love.

Furaha yetu ilikuwa Kajala kuwa na Harmonize lakini hapo baadae tukajua alikua na mambo mengine hatukupenda na sio kwamba tulifurahia uwepo wake na timu yetu … Harmonize pia ameamua kusonga si kutemwe Kajala alikua na nia fiche kabisaa.

So having dated Wolper, Sarah Michelloti, Kajala and the mother of his alleged daughter – all who are all older than him; i guess its only fair to say Harmonize should now try dating women around his age because with the wya he is moving – chances are that he either has serious mum issues or still feels like a baby boy on the inside.

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