‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Amanda Blake Had the Most Kitty Russell Reason Why She Stopped Dating Men


Gunsmoke actor Amanda Blake became one of the most famous performers on television due to her performance as Miss Kitty Russell. However, the actor and the character held several similarities that allowed them to blend into one person on and off the screen through its 20 seasons. Blake stopped dating men for some time after her second divorce for a reason that felt pulled right from Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke.

‘Gunsmoke’ actor Amanda Blake’s Kitty Russell had feelings for Matt Dillon

Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell | CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Gunsmoke fans frequently wanted to know from Blake and James Arness if Miss Kitty and U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon would ever get married. They had an undeniable romantic chemistry on the Western television show that continued to lead viewers on for years. However, they never provided any true sense of closure on their relationship with the intention of keeping folks tuning back in.

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