Goodnight Texts For Him: 51 Ideas To Show Him You Care


Goodnight texts for him are a great way to create a meaningful connection with a partner. Communication is key to any good relationship, especially if your man relates to words of affirmation as his core love language

But, where do you start when it comes to crafting the best goodnight text for him? The first step is to think about the kind of mood you want to create. Are you looking to set the tone for your next date, get his mind racing with sexy thoughts, or simply send a reminder of how much you love him? Whatever your intent, a succinct goodnight message can work wonders. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together an extensive list of 51 of our favorite goodnight texts for him, covering everything from cute to flirty. Check it out below!

Cute Goodnight Texts for Him: 17 Examples That’ll Warm His Heart

When it comes to goodnight texts for him, sending a cute message is sure to deepen and strengthen your connection. These are great for letting him know that he’s on your mind and will send him to sleep smiling!

1. I can’t wait until I can kiss your gorgeous face again.

2. Only [insert number of days here] until I see you again!

3. Let’s do [insert favorite activity here] when we next see each other, my treat!

4. Can’t wait to see you and make up for lost time soon!

5. I wish we could cuddle right now, but I know that when we can, it will be worth the wait.

6. I’m just texting to let you know that I’m thinking about you and can’t wait until we’re together.

7. Whenever I miss you, I remind myself that I’m so lucky that we found each other.

8. I can’t wait to have a Sunday morning lie-in together soon.

9. You’re my dream guy. Can’t wait to see you soon!

10. I’m so happy that we met.

11. Tell me about your dream date so I can make it come true?

12. Counting down the hours until I can kiss you again.

13. My bed feels too empty without you here.

14. Sleep well and chat to you in about 8 hours. I’m looking forward to it already!

15. Thank you for cheering me up today.

16. I’ve been looking back at some of my fave photos of you before bed, love you loads.

17. Sweet dreams babe, you definitely deserve them.

Get Hot Under the Collar With These Flirty Goodnight Texts for Him

When coming up with the best goodnight messages for him, don’t be afraid to get a little flirtatious. After all, there’s no harm in letting his imagination run wild! Sending him something flirty over text will ensure you’re on his mind as he drifts off for the night. Check out 15 of our favorite flirty goodnight texts for him below!

18. What are you wearing in bed right now?

19. I wish we were snuggled up naked together.

20. I was about to go to sleep…unless you want to distract me first?

21. I can’t sleep. Want to help keep me awake?

22. I’m going to sleep now. Hopefully to dream about how little sleep I’d be getting if you were here…

23. Sleeping naked feels like such a waste when you’re not here with me.

24. Tell me your bedtime fantasy? 

25. I wish I could kiss you all over.

26. There’s too much room in my bed, if only you were here.

27. Describe how you’d keep me awake if we were together right now?

28. I’m really hoping I have some steamy dreams about you tonight.

29. I really wish I had my hands on you instead of my phone.

30. Come keep me warm?

31. You’re my favorite bedtime fantasy!

32. If only we were together right now…

In an Established Relationship? Re-Ignite the Romance With These Sweet Goodnight Texts for Him

Rekindling an established relationship with new romantic energy can be truly exhilarating! So, if you’re in a long-term exclusive relationship with your partner, try out these sweet goodnight texts for him to help recapture that new relationship energy!

33. I can’t wait until I can lay my head on your chest again.

34. I so wish we were in the same bed right now.

35. I’m snuggling with my cat wishing you were here too. 

36. So, about living together…let’s work on that?

37. I wish you were here. You’re sexy even when you snore!

38. I’m cold. Come keep me warm?

39. I’m already looking forward to talking to you in the morning!

40. If you were here, you’d be the comfiest pillow ever.

41. I know I always complain when you hog the blankets, but even that beats sleeping alone.

42. It’s hard being apart, but I love knowing that it’s not for long.

43. Call me when you wake up? I want to hear your voice again as soon as possible. 

44. Soon we can wake up together again.

45. I love it when my pillows smell like you.

46. I love you with all my heart. Sweet dreams!

47. Sleep tight and dream of me!

48. I’ve been missing you all day, but especially now.

49. Already excited to talk to you in the morning!

50. I’m so excited about seeing you tomorrow that I just can’t sleep!

51. Thank you for being the partner of my dreams.

It’s Time to Get Texting!

So there you have it, our top 51 picks of romantic goodnight texts for him! We hope that these examples will give you some inspiration and help you to foster a deep, meaningful connection with your partner. 

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’ve just started dating, keeping up good communication with your partner is key. So, the next time you’re laying in bed wondering what to say before falling asleep, look back at this list, pick your favorites, and send them off to make sure you’re in his thoughts as he drifts off for the night.

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