From old photos to mirror selfies – Dating coach shares 6 things she’d never put in her dating profile


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  • Dating apps are getting updated with new features that are aimed at improving user experience.
  • New York dating coach Amy Nobile, specialises in helping singletons fix their dating profiles and is on top of her game when it comes to using dating apps.
  • Now, she’s sharing six tips singletons looking for love online should consider.

The dating pool has become tricky as there’s no telling what works and what doesn’t. There are also way too many rules for how to date in today’s society. Perceptions about who you are as an individual can be gathered from what you have on your dating profile to what you wrote to describe yourself when trying to find love online.

You also can’t be too open or overshare because you need to leave some mystery for your potential match. Fortunately we have experts who deal specifically in this area, like New York dating coach, Amy Nobile, who shares six things she would leave out on her dating profile.

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Amy specialises in helping singletons find their life-long partners through the use of modern techniques and platforms. She sits one-on-one with singletons and digs deeper into their dating app presence and then shares techniques that will help them start conversations with potential partners.

While in consultation with a client, she uses her smart tablet that has software that allows her to log into her singletons’ dating app profile at the same time as they do. This way she’s able to share the experience with her clients while guiding them.

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Amy strongly suggests you avoid these six things:

Photos that are more than four years old – Using current photos of yourself will allow others to have a more accurate idea of who you are. Also, if you like changing your hair often, you need to include images of your changes on your profile. “If you’ve worn your hair down to your waist your whole life, and then literally last week you chopped it all off, you’re going to have to take new pictures,” she told Insider.

Photos where you are wearing sunglasses or hats – Covering up says that you want to hide your appearance in your dating profile photos. “We want to be able to see the sparkle in your eyes,” she adds.

Group shots with more than three people – Group photos always cause confusion for people going through your profile as they won’t be able to pick out who you are amongst the group. You shouldn’t make other users work hard when viewing your profile. The most people you can have in a group photo is three so you are easily identifiable.

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Selfies and mirror selfies – According to Amy, selfies and mirror selfies give off a sense of immaturity and they give a distorted view of the subject. If you want a playful image rather ask a friend or family member to take the image.

Videos and voice recordings – As dating apps evolve, the interphase and features get updated. With some apps like Hinge you can add a video and an audio describing yourself. Although these are cool and they make things easier, they can create a multimedia puzzle.

Prompts or bios that lead with negativity –  It’s important to focus on the things you like and the things you would like in a partner instead of naming the things you hate and beginning sentences with, ‘You shouldn’t text me if…’

“I don’t think people are utilising the prompts to really talk about who they are and they want enough,” Amy adds.

Sources: Insider, Daily Mail

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