Freeform’s Love Trip: Paris Is About to Be Your New Favorite Dating Show


If you’ve ever been unlucky in love and dreamed of moving to Paris for a romantic adventure, you’re not alone. And in new Freeform reality dating show Love Trip: Paris, you can live vicariously through four young Americans taking the City of Lights by storm — and snagging plenty of kisses while they’re at it.

The reality show takes a fun approach to a typical dating show, creating a more fluid, diverse, and queer environment. It follows four lucky aspiring Parisians who move in together in a Paris penthouse to find it full of potential suitors. There’s Caroline, a personal trainer from New York who “thinks there is a strong possibility that her woman could be in Paris”; Rose, a Boston realtor who is eager for a passionate Frenchman; Lacy, a mental health podcaster based in Nashville who learned French during the pandemic and is looking for romantic prospects of any gender in Paris; and Josielyn, a Los Angeles model who feels destined for Parisian love. (Plus, for the Las Culturistas fans — Matt Rogers is narrating.)

Courtesy of Freeform

In the first trailer for Love Trip: Paris, which Teen Vogue is premiering exclusively, we meet the four young women as they prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. As montages of picnics and Parisian landmarks flash by, Josielyn admits she often falls for “the wrong kind of people,” while Rose is determined: she even brought her own engagement ring. Luckily, the house is stacked with beautiful floors — and beautiful people. “Seduction is a game,” one French suitor says. Some may be better at it than others; Rose says the French dates have a “jealous, possessive nature,” while Caroline has found the one queer person in the world who doesn’t care about astrology. Rouge flag?

Tune into all the escapist drama and romantic trysts when Love Trip: Paris premieres on Freeform on Feb. 14. Check out the trailer below:

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