‘Fast-forwarding’ is the new anti-cuffing dating trend


Wait, what kind of questions are we talking about? I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. For example, some people might want to ask about the kind of relationship someone is looking for, while others might want to question where the person they’re dating sees themselves in five years’ time.

What you just described sounds exactly like a job interview. Hmm, maybe. But it’s not necessarily designed to be a one-way thing. The other person isn’t supposed to feel like they’re being interrogated (dating is supposed to be fun, after all); instead, fast-forwarding is an opportunity for both parties to lay everything out from the beginning, so no one gets any funny surprises.  

They do say communication is key for a good relationship. Exactly. Well done – you’re finally getting a grasp on this relationship thing!

I’d appreciate less of the sarcasm, please. Sorry… 

So, I understand the idea behind fast-forwarding, but doesn’t it make dating a little… boring? I guess it depends on where you’re coming from. Some people might enjoy the uncertainty and ‘not knowing’ that comes with the start of a relationship, but for those who want to know where things could be headed, fast-forwarding provides an opportunity to get things straight. You could also argue that laying everything out on the table creates more room for fun, because it helps the both of you feel more comfortable.  

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