Farmer Paige leaves Farmer Wants A Wife without a suitor


Paige seemed to find more of a spark with Cody, who became the first man she kissed on the show. However, she found his attitude to be a little hot-and-cold.

“He keeps saying that he doesn’t want to lead anyone on and he doesn’t want just that physical connection that he’s had with people before,” she admitted after the pair shared an overnight date.

“There’s part of me that just wonders if he lets go of that and just holds on to the emotional connection that’s there, then maybe he’ll allow something to grow.”

However, it wasn’t meant to be for Paige and either of the final two men.

Paige said goodbye to Ayden first, telling him “I actually think we may not be suited for each other and that the person you’re looking for… is not me.”

And when Cody’s hesitancy made it difficult to commit, Paige also chose to walk away from him.

She explained she wouldn’t allow him to make her feel like she wasn’t “enough” for him.

“I know that’s not the exact words that you’re saying to me, but that’s how I feel when, essentially, you kissed me and then are so distant,” she told him.

“I really was hoping this was going somewhere, but I can’t keep hoping and questioning my own self-worth,” she explained.

“Saying goodbye to [Cody] was empowering, because I chose me,” she said to the camera afterwards. 

“I came here looking for love and I haven’t found that with someone, but I’ve found a new love for myself and that’s incredible.”

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