Fans Think White Lotus’ Meghann Fahy & Leo Woodall Might Be Dating!


Fans think there might be a romance between two The White Lotus stars!

Some believe that Meghann Fahy, who played Daphne, and Leo Woodall, who played Jack, could be an item!

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It all started when a tipster sent an (unverified) claim into DeuxMoi that said, “Meghann and Leo 1000 per cent [sic]. Tons of witnesses. Not a whole lot of secrecy behind this pairing.”

Fans then began sleuthing and noticed (via Bustle) that Meghann commented on one of Leo‘s Instagram posts featuring the whole cast. The first photo in the slideshow of pics if of him and Meghann together. She commented, “I love you! I love these! I love you! 😘♥️,” to which he responded, “Love you right back ♥️.”

On Meghann‘s Instagram, she did a feature for Elle UK and posted the photos, captioning them with, “I love the UK and I love all of the Elles!!!” to which Leo actually commented, “UK loves you back.” She then commented on his comment with one of the lovestruck emojis.

A lot of this is just fan rumors, and neither Leo nor Meghann have confirmed anything. You can see screen grabs of their comments in the gallery of this post!

One of the cast members, Theo James, did speak to the rumor that there was a lot of cast hookups on set (among many other revelations).

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