EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Al reveals if he is still dating Jess



Do you think there is a chance that you and Jess could start dating in the future? 

I think we are just friends for now. I mean, who knows what might happen in the future? 

What was it about Jess that attracted you to her in the villa?

She is very bubbly and made me laugh constantly, I think we have a lot of similarities as well which I was attracted to. She was just very easy to get along with and I like that and she made my time in the villa.

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How would you compare your time on Love Island to your time on MAFS? 

My time on Love Island was very different from my time on MAFS. Love Island was quite relaxing actually. There were a few times when I was a little bit stressed, and a little bit out of my comfort zone but you’re sitting by a pool every day and relaxing, having a great time. 

The stresses or arguments and conflicts that happen, experts on MAFS can help and give you advice but that doesn’t happen in Love Island. 

If Jess wasn’t in the villa, do you think you could have built a connection with anyone else? 

I definitely could have built a connection for sure, I’m a pretty likable guy, I’m pretty good at talking and have a pretty good smile. But Jess was someone that nobody could compare my connection with so it wouldn’t be as strong. 

Love Island Al


Were your friends that you had on MAFS supportive of you going on Love Island? 

Yeah, definitely. My friends from MAFS watched the episodes but it’s so hard to see me on another show and throw myself out there again. I’m grateful to have a good support network. 

Was your experience on Love Island different from what you expected before going in? 

I kind of didn’t know what to expect, but I went in with a very open mind. I didn’t know there would be a lot of talking to do. It was talk-talk-talk-talk chat-chat-chat-chat, which I really like but the best part about it all was that I got a crazy tan, yeah. 

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What were your biggest challenge and biggest highlight in the villa? 

Trying to get out of bed in the morning because sometimes you’re really tired and the lights will come on and you’re like ‘ahhh no’ because I’m a big sleeper. That was a real struggle for me and everyone knew I was the last person out of bed. 

The biggest highlight was definitely just getting to know everybody and sitting around the pool playing games and another high was getting to meet Sophie Monk. 

In the villa you made it known that you made a certain promise to your mom, how did she react after you broke that promise? 

Well, she actually hasn’t watched it yet, I hid the tv remote when that episode aired. My mum is very forgiving and she will probably just give me a stern talking-to for 10 seconds and then she will give me a hug and we can laugh it off. 



If you could start your Love Island journey again, would you do anything differently? 

No definitely not no. I did everything exactly how I wanted to and have no regrets. I’m just so grateful to be part of the Love Island journey and be part of everyone else’s journey as well, seeing everyone’s relationships flourish. I spent all my time with Jess and I chose the best person in there and still believe that Jess and I have such a strong connection. It’s something to remember for the rest of my life. 

Who would you like to see win Love Island 2022? 

Probably Claudia and Austin and I think everyone else can agree on that one. 

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