EXCLUSIVE: Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza dish on what dating after Love Island is like


Expect to see – and hear – from MAFS golden boys Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza *a lot* more in 2023. The boys, who have recently finished up their stints on Married at First Sight and Love Island Australia are joining forces to share with audiences what life is like back in “reality.” 

Watch Below: Al Perkins enters Love Island

“We’re filling everyone in on what life is like coming off a TV show” Al explained to WHO, “and all the ups and downs that come along with it.” 

Audiences can expect “plenty of funny stories as well” he adds. 

Now, in the show’s second week, Back To Reality is finding its voice – as a podcast that “digs a little bit deeper than just a shoey.”



And don’t expect the podcast to only focus on Al and Taku, with the boys promising some exciting upcoming guests.  In the second episode, the boys are joined by Al’s ex-Island flame Jess and Taku promises that “a few” more reality TV friends will be joining throughout the season. 

With the boys back from The Villa and settling into reality, the podcast also explores what it’s like to date in the public eye – which has both its challenges and benefits. 

“It’s definitely a little bit difficult,” explains Al.  “Everyone is in your business now and there’s no hiding. Everything’s out in the public, even if the person that you want to date wants to keep things private. 



But privacy aside, Al admits that fame and attention definitely have their advantages when playing the dating scene.

“Dating outside of the show is so interesting,” adds Taku. “If they watched the show they know about us but we know nothing about them, so it’s interesting.”

“For me, it’s a little bit harder because I prefer someone who actually does not know me at all,” Taku continues, “that way it’s like an equal playing field.”

Al Perkins


And although readjusting to life back home may be tricky, the boys agree the reality tv experience was “amazing.”

“The experience itself was amazing, it was great. It’s opened up so many doors” shares Taku. 

“I highly recommend it to anyone out there that’s thinking about it,” adds Al, “it’s the funnest thing ever- It’s like a mini holiday!”

Back to Reality is an original Nova Podcast with new episodes dropping every Wednesday. The podcast is available here, on the Nova Player or wherever you access your podcasts.

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