Ex-Vanderpump Rules Star, Kristen Doute, Dating Podcast Co-Host Luke Broderick 


Ex-Vanderpump Rules Star, Kristen Doute, Dating Podcast Co-Host Luke Broderick 

Kristen Doute recently revealed that she is dating her Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast co-host, Luke Broderick, just six months after calling it quits with her ex, Alex Menache

Luke and I are f—king dating, you guys,” the former Vanderpump Rules star said during the Dec. 21 episode. “And all of my friends who have listened to our podcast were like, ‘Yeah, it sounds really obvious.’”

Kristen Doute

Kristen admitted to feeling “baffled” that she was able to move on from her last relationship so quickly. 

“I love you so much,” she said to Luke, “but just the thought of being someone’s girlfriend again just kind of threw me through a loop because I want to be a wife and I want to be a mother.” Kristen continued, “I was so tired of being a girlfriend for a couple of years and then having s—t fall apart, to be honest.”

Kristen Doute

Luke agreed, adding that Kristen “tried really hard not to fall in love” with him. Kristen then noted that their relationship hadn’t been the easiest since they are total opposites.  

Luke loves to hunt and fish … I am an animal advocate,” she pointed out. “I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11 years old, and that truly was the one thing that was a little difficult for me in the beginning.”

As if their different outlooks weren’t enough, the couple is currently loving each other from a distance as Luke, 31, lives in Colorado while Kristen, 39, is still in California. 

Kristen Doute

As reported, Kristen was fired from Pump Rules in 2020 after it was exposed that she and Stassi Schroeder called the police on Faith Stowers in 2018. The girls were pissed that Faith slept with Jax Taylor who was in a relationship with their bestie, Brittany Cartwright. Stassi told the police that Faith, the only black cast member at the time, resembled a woman wanted for theft. 

Stassi said during a podcast interview that she and Kristen were the only ones called out for it.

“There were more people involved in ‘the incident’ that I was fired for. And Kristen and I, obviously we were not gonna take people down with us. So we were like ‘Lucky you guys, those of you who didn’t get called out for this.’” 

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi and Kristen begged Andy Cohen to save their jobs after they were fired, but unfortunately, their cries fell on deaf ears because the network stood firm in their decision to make an example out of the women for their prejudiced behavior. 

Kristen and Stassi really didn’t think they would be fired, let alone lose everything.” an insider told Life & Style magazine’s latest print issue. “They tried calling Andy Cohen, begging to keep their jobs, but he completely supported Bravo’s decision. What they did was wrong.”

Faith Stowers

Both Stassi and Kristen offered public apologies to Faith but failed to apologize to her privately. 

Stassi and Kristen acknowledged what they did was wrong, have apologized, and been punished. Without casting aside their actions or the impact of those actions, they want to move forward as part of the solution in ways that are productive, meaningful, and sincere. Both of them recognize actions speak louder than words and that is what will guide them as they move forward,” the statement, which came via their rep, Steve Honig, read.

Lala Kent

In May 2021, Bravo confirmed that Vanderpump Rules will be returning for a 10th season.  

VPR star, Lala Kent, revealed that the new season will be far different from previous seasons. “We’re not in our 20s anymore. We’re grown adults and we’re going through divorces having children, it’s just it’s a different game,” she told Variety at BravoCon in October 2022.


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