Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Taurus


Astrologer Constance Stellas told Refinery29 that earthbound Taurus has a powerful opposites-attract vibe with water sign Scorpio. “Sometimes they fight like hell,” she says, “but they are fixed signs and they’re united, so they stick together… [they are] one of the long-standing combinations for marriage or partnership.”

As embodiments of earth and water, Taurus and Scorpio are a perfect combination of physical and emotional. What one lacks the other fulfills, creating a balanced vibe that suits both parties. Together they share a deep emotional connection and celebrate intimacy in all of its forms (via Zodiacsign.com). While on the surface they might not appear to have anything in common or share similar values, their stark differences are what keep their relationship alive. In long-term relationships, each is devoted, loyal, and protective of their partner.

Trust can be a huge obstacle to overcome in a Scorpio-Taurus relationship. Taurus requires a faithful, trustworthy partner to feel secure, but Scorpio tends to be inherently mistrustful of everything. If their Taurus partner is too cautious or unable to talk about their feelings, Scorpio can get instantly suspicious and act out. Meanwhile, Scorpio’s jealousy can feel both suffocating and insulting to constantly chill Taurus. In order to keep this exciting match going long-term, Taurus must learn to let go of their guarded behaviors while Scorpio needs to trust their partner’s intentions are good.

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