Every celeb who is on Raya, the invite-only dating app for VIPs | Zac Efron, Elli Goulding, Drew Barrymore, Channing Tatum and more.


Drew Barrymore has been single since 2016, and as she says, perfectly happy that way.

But of course, upon her split from her husband Will Kopelman, she decided to give dating apps a try.

But boy, does she not like Raya.

The actress previously compared Raya to “looking through an Us Weekly” during a 2020 interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“I did terribly too. I got stood up, and I didn’t match with anyone,” she admitted.

“My friends gave me this sort of bloated sense of false confidence. They were like, ‘You should try it. You will do great.’ It was a car wreck,” she added.

But it wasn’t all bad, she admitted.

“I love being able to be in the conversation, I have to say. Like, I definitely had fun with it,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to go on a blind date, but my [acting] life got in the way of that, so I thought, like, online dating might satiate that desire. And no, it was a real wake-up call. But it was fun.”

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