‘Especially lucky’ star sign to explore ‘new dating option’ this month – love matches


“Pisces will be especially lucky towards the end of the month, and Virgos may also bask in the light of luck,” Patsy said.

The astrologist explained this is largely because Jupiter, the planet associated with luck and abundance, will be ending a lengthy retrograde phase in the sign of Pisces. This “will bless both Pisces and Virgo with increased luck”.

However, she warned that in the process, “there may be the need to readjust elements of their personal lives before matters become more smooth-sailing and luckier moving forward into 2023”.

Most of all, though, it will be Sagittarians “who will win hands-down in the luck department, as this sign is ruled by Jupiter and, once Jupiter begins its trek through the skies after its lengthy retrograde phase, there will be no stopping Sagittarians in their quest for love, adventure and fun”.

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