ERROR143, a brand new visual novel dating sim combo featuring a rivals-to-lovers hacker story, launches onto iOS


A new addition in a genre that is decently popular on mobile especially, ERROR143 is a visual novel dating simulation combo that features a lot of lovely anime-style art alongside a really engaging storyline. From hackers to rivals to lovers, you’ll experience it all as you navigate computer screens and do your best to become a truly impressive hacking legend – as long as you don’t get distracted by your opponent’s dashing good looks and charm.

First, let’s go over exactly what you can expect with a new game within this genre. Visual novels are quite often dating simulators as well, with games like The Arcana or Mystic Messenger proving this. If you’ve played those, you have a rough idea of what to expect within ERROR143. It’s a lot of navigating screens until you hit the next story point, where you’re likely to engage with the game’s love interest.

And in ERROR143, that love interest comes in the form of an opposing hacker that you meet within a hacking competition. You take on the role of a hacker, of course, and one day as you try to best a bunch of randoms within a competition, you’re suddenly bested by a charming anonymous user.

Naturally, this leads you to hack into that person’s computer and leave a little message for them to prove that you’re better. But of course, you’re then hacked right back, leading to this strange back and forth as you two slowly get to know each other through these exchanges. And who knows where it goes from there? Will you end up falling in love with this dashing young rogue? Or will you end up dropping the ball hard and making a new enemy?

If you’d like to find out for yourself, you can download ERROR143 completely for free at the link below!

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