Does Darren Barnet Have a Girlfriend? Here’s His Dating History


Anyone who’s keeping up with Never Have I Ever on Netflix can immediately recall the protagonist Devi’s love interest, Paxton. Not unlike plenty of American teen shows, the 18-year-old Sherman Oaks High heartthrob is actually a 31-year-old actor who has been dragged under the spotlight for his professional and personal life.

There are a lot of speculations about the actor’s dating life after it was revealed that he was involved with his Love Hard co-star, Mikaela Hoover. The latter is known for her appearance in movies like Holidate on Netflix and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Saying so, it is difficult to ascertain when the pair started dating since both Barnet and Hoover have kept their first meeting a secret. However, it is likely that they began dating back in early 2021 as this was the year when numerous cozy pictures of the duo were shared online. Neither Barnet nor Hoover shied away from PDAs accompanied with cheesy, romantic captions.

The picture that came under popular notice and attracted media attention was Hoover’s Instagram post in April 2021 when she shared a picture of her and Barnet on the occasion of the latter’s birthday. The post’s caption read, “You make me happy. Happy Birthday Angel,” confirming their romantic involvement with each other. Barnet reciprocated the gesture on Hoover’s birthday in July of the same year by writing, “Happy Birthday, love. Today is for you.”

The couple jumped to a full-fledged PDA in August on the Red Carpet of The Suicide Squad. In her captions, she wrote how this event marked their first movie date in a year, which led fans to believe that the duo might have started dating in 2020.

However, Hoover also commented on their intimate encounter at the event on social media where she wrote, “My apologies to B for licking your face at such a fancy event. Can’t take me anywhere.” Since October 2021, the pair hasn’t posted a single photo together which is leading to the conclusion about their possible break-up. Although the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, there have been rising curiosities to know more about Barnet’s dating history.

Who did Barnet date before Mikaela Hoover?

Image via Netflix

Not much information has been gathered about the Never Have I Ever star’s past relationships. However, sources revealed that prior to dating Hoover, he was in a relationship with the Southpaw actress Ali Rose for approximately one year between April 2018 and March 2019.

During the course of their relationship, the pair posted pictures of them together on social media. As per Elite Daily, before dating Rose, he was also romantically engaged to Cassie Maynard between November 2014 and January 2017. Although the reasons for their breakup are still a mystery, Barnet’s Instagram still has a picture of them together.

Nothing much has been covered about Barnet’s personal life up till now, but fans are always on a look at their favorite TV character’s dating life.  

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