Does an Age Gap Matter in Dating?


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – When it comes to dating, age plays a huge part in who you choose to date, and what the relationship will look like. Cru Eaton and Talen Barney talked about their experience with dating older and younger women and what they prefer.

Cru starred on reality television show “Back in the Groove”, where 24 men competed for the love of 3 older women. Cru found love with one of 43-year-old women, and while they are no longer together, for him the experience was a fun and competitive paradise. 

Throughout his time dating, Cru and Talen agree that age doesn’t matter while dating, but it does affect certain aspects of the relationship. Older women tend to be more mature, confident, and have more experience, but if the values and interests don’t align then the relationship will be difficult no matter the age. While Cru prefers older women, Talen prefers younger women and finds it easier to connect with them. 

This question becomes more complex when kids become involved, and while both men are open to dating people with children, they find it to be more difficult when someone already has an established routine. However, if you truly love that person, then their children shouldn’t be a deciding factor in the relationship.

In the end, it’s the character of the person that matters, not their age. You can find and message Cru Eaton and Talen Barney on Instagram.

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