Do Guys Like Smart Girls? What Men Think About Dating Intelligent Women


When it comes to love, sometimes what we say we want and what we actually wind up wanting can be two totally different things.

Human beings, aren’t we such stinking enigmas?

Take, for example, the complex topic of what men honestly think about dating an intelligent woman.

If you ask a guy how he feels about dating a smart woman, he’ll probably say something along the lines of, “Sure, I don’t care,” or even, “Yes! Intelligence is extremely attractive!”

But in truth, studies have shown that while men might talk a big game about loving women with gigantic brains in theory, smart women actually make most of them feel insecure.

When faced with the real possibility of dating a woman who is a smarter, higher achiever, most men quiclkly lose interest in actually pursuing her.

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Is this ridiculous? Oh, absolutely. Do I blame the patriarchy? Oh, even more absolutely.

But do I think that’s the only thing to blame for this disparity between what men say they want and what they actually want when it comes to their love lives? No way!

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