Divorced couple falls in love with each other again, remarries


Divorced couple falls in love with each other again, remarry

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  • Daniell Curtis and Tim Curtis married in 2004 and got divorced in 2015
  • Daniell sent Tim an email after her counsellor suggested she forgive him and herself
  • The couple reconnected and their love sparked again
A divorced couple from Australia has created a buzz online after they fell in love with each other again and got remarried.

Daniell Curtis and Tim Curtis married in 2004, divorced in 2015 and remarried in 2019.

Daniell met her husband Tim in 2022 via online dating when she was a single mom of two. Tim proposed to her on April 9, 2003, after several dinner dates.

“In January 2004, exactly two years after our first date, we became husband and wife in what felt like a fairytale, and 18 months later, Tim officially adopted my children,” Daniell told news.com.au.

The couple had three children together and also ran a successful business.

The couple was impacted by the global financial crisis in 2012, which led to Tim working long hours.

The couple’s communication broke down and they decided to separate in 2015.


“When Tim sent divorce papers a few months later I felt relief, but also heartbreak. The love was still there, but buried so deep underneath rage and blame, I couldn’t feel it,” she said.

The kids would meet both parents in turns but Tim and Daniell did not interact.

They began dating other people and tried to rebuild their lives.

“In 2017, with the help of my counsellor, I realised that if I was ever going to find peace, I needed to forgive Tim – and myself. So, I wrote him an email. I took responsibility for my part in the marriage break-up and told him that I supported how he co-parented the kids,” Daniell said.

Six months later, Tim replied to the email, writing, “Why don’t we meet and talk about it in person?”

The meeting sparks their love again.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

“Within days our messages turned flirty, and he started making secret visits to my apartment, not wanting to get the kids’ hopes up. The secrecy brought back the fun of our early dates,” Daniell added.

She said that the kids guessed when they subconsciously started holding hands at their daughter Brinlee’s 10th birthday party.

A few weeks later, they moved in together. Soon, they knew they wanted to get married again.

The couple signed their marriage licence at home on January 19, 2019, in front of their children,

Relationships aren’t always easy, but the right ones are worth fighting for,” Daniell said.

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