Dispatch Reveals Forecasting Love and Weather Star Is Dating Controversial CEO Kang Jong Hyun


Dispatch, famous for exposing Korean celebrity couples, revealed Park Min Young is dating the controversial CEO Kang Jong Hyun, and this relationship shocks many.

Park Min Young is known as one of the top actresses in South Korea, while Kang Jong Hyun is identified as being a two-time fraudster and suspiciously using borrowed names. Read on to know more about the two’s romance.

Park Min Young, Kang Jong Hyun’s Relationship

Dispatch claimed, via Koreaboo, the 36-year-old actress is dating the Bithumb chairman. However, the publication hasn’t revealed how long the couple has been going out, though they’ve been tracking the 40-year-old businessman for the past two months.

In fact, they were seen together during the Forecasting Love and Weather star’s rest day on August 3.

At the time, she got into her alleged boyfriend’s Mercedes Sprinter and went to his apartment in Wonju.

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Confirming Park Min Young, Kang Jong Hyun’s Relationship

Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun’s relationship seemed to be confirmed after they met each other’s families.

When the What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim star went out of Kang Jong Hyun’s apartment, his mother followed and hugged her before they bid their goodbyes. The two appeared to have a special bond

They boarded the Mercedes Sprinter again and went to Cheongdam Dong, where Park Min Young lives with her parents.

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Park Min Young first went down the car and opened the front entrance with Kang Jong Hyun, who seemed to be carrying a gift for the family.

Who is Kang Jong Hyun?

Kang Jong Hyun is famous for holding business ties with several companies. He’s the chairman of Vidente, Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live

However, knowing he’s a very private person, there’s no information about him being related to these companies seen. Allegedly, he works under borrowed-name accounts.

Park Min Young’s Agency Responds to Talent’s Dating Rumors

Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, broke its silence about its talent’s dating rumors, but it neither denies nor confirms her relationship with Kang Jong Hyun.

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It said in a statement, via Soompi,

“Hello. This is actress Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. We are sharing the agency’s statement regarding the report about Park Min Young today. Park Min Young is currently filming for the drama “Love in Contract,” so it is taking a long time to confirm the facts. We ask for your understanding in not being able to relay an exact statement quickly.”

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