Disha Patani Dating Siberian Model, Aleksander Alex Ilic, Here’s What The Latter Has To Say About It


Disha Patani is hailed as one of the fittest actors of her generation, who can give any other contemporary actor, a run for their gym. However, apart from her acting spree, her personal life often makes its way to the headlines. Disha was previously rumoured to be in a relationship with her frequent co-star, Tiger Shroff. The duo made innumerable appearances, from attending parties to hitting the gym, and most commonly, their Sunday brunch dates.

However, while their fans were quite sure of seeing them walk down the aisle together, the couple broke up unexpectedly. And now, after months of her breakup, Disha Patani has been again rumoured to have found love in Siberian model, Aleksander Alex Ilic. While the duo has shared many pictures together and have also been spotted heading out to places together, they have never made it official. And now, for the first time, Disha’s rumoured beau, Aleksander, has opened up about their equation.

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disha alex

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, the Siberian model spilt beans on his rumoured relationship with Disha and mentioned that they mean more than family to one another. He also mentioned how they have been together through thick and thin and kept their bonding intact even in a competitive world. In his words:

“Disha has been like family to me. In this competitive field, whenever we felt low, we have been there for each other.” 

disha alex

Addressing the frequently asked questions, speculations and rumours about their relationship, Aleksander clearly said that only they know the absolute truth amidst it all. Requesting everyone to let them live peacefully, he said:

“I see how this guessing game has been going on for a few weeks. The thing is that we know the truth. I don’t understand why people need to guess about what is going on? Why can’t they just let other people live their own lives peacefully? We just laugh off these stories.” 

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disha alex

Further, in the conversation, Aleksander mentioned how he has an equally close bonding with Disha’s ex-boyfriend, Tiger, and revealed that there has never been any feeling of awkwardness whenever the trio meet, even today. When enquired about the reason Tiger and Disha broke up with one another, he said:

“I am no one to comment about anyone else. Well, I am close to both of them, and yes, we do hang out together.”

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What do you think about Disha and Aleksander?

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