Disabled people are often marginalized, taunted on dating apps. A new one aims to change that


Jacqueline Child, like millions of 20-somethings, used dating apps in her search for a partner. But unlike many of her peers, she got responses like, “I hope you’re not planning to have children,” and “my mother told me to run!” The reason? Jacqueline revealed to her would-be suitors that she has a disability.

In her case, a connective tissue disorder that recently required surgery and a feeding tube. That kind of rejection and verbal abuse is a common issue faced by members of the disabled community and one that, together with her 32-year-old sister, Alexa Child, Jacqueline Child hopes to change.

In October, the two launched Dateability, the first dating app created by someone with disabilities for users with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The app’s motto is “making love accessible.”

Julia and Alexa Child join Here & Now‘s Robin Young to talk about the app and the reasons it’s needed.

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