Diane Keaton Gives Surprising Personal Update on Her Love Life


In light of her new rom-com, she’s ready to joke about her own dating life.

Diane Keaton revealed the real she thinks her love life hasn’t worked out is because she’s “too weird.” But don’t get it twisted, the 77-year-old actress wouldn’t change a thing (a self-respecting queen!).

Keaton recently chatted with Extra while promoting her new rom-com Maybe I Do, which premieres on Friday, and admitted that it’d been quite some time since she was active in the dating scene.

“Let’s say 15 years,” Keaton guessed, “They probably just thought, ‘Enough’s enough … she’s too weird.’ I’m kind of odd, but I’m doing fine.”

Keaton continued, joking, “Someday… someone will marry me… Maybe one of these nice men today who have to deal with me today.”

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The actress previously spoke with Parade in August 2022 where she opened up about dating her former co-stars–like her fellow The Godfather cast member Al Pacino and Warren Beatty from Reds, another one of her highly praised films–and why she chooses to remain single.

“I was completely enamored with Al. I had a huge crush on him. I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ He was so amazing. And he is such a great actor,” she said, gushing over her past lover.

“I think I am just a great lover of talent, that’s a good way of putting it, and Al in particular was special,” Keaton continued.

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Keaton went on to explain that even though her relationships didn’t last, she is completely content with how everything turned out–especially the adoption of her two children: daughter Dexter in 1996, followed by her son Duke in 2001.

When asked if she was worried about being a single mom at 50, she responded, “I wish I had found someone that I was with to be that person, but my relationships didn’t work out, and that’s OK, so I thought, Now I am this age, and I could adopt a child.”

“Our lives are all different and we can do what we want,” she concluded, “We don’t have to be perfect and be married.”

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