Desperate to date? 6 reasons why people stay in hopeless situations


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  • Dating coach Mia Fields gives a great tip to ascertain if you are on the same page with the person you are dating.
  • The need to belong and be loved may make people stay in hopeless situations.
  • Red flags tend to be ignored when people are desperate to date and want the relationship to work.

Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? Knowing that you matter to someone and that there is someone who wants you in their life is a much-desired feeling. Sometimes, this need can be so strong that it causes people to accept desperate situations. 

Dating coach Mia Fields gives a great tip to ascertain if you are on the same page with the person you are dating: to pay attention to the green flags and not get preoccupied with the red ones only. “Be on the lookout for signs they have qualities you require just as you will for those that he’s not right for you,” she says.

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In other instances, however, red flags tend to be ignored, particularly when one is desperate to date and be loved. 

Mia details six reasons women might stay in relationships that aren’t good for them:

-Loneliness – Being afraid to be alone, so they accept someone in their lives even if it’s not their ideal partner.

-Desperation – This could be due to being dependent financially on the other person if they feel they have no other option.

-Fear – They fear not finding another partner readily and don’t want to deal with the possible rejection that comes with dating. 

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-Societal and cultural pressures – You’re expected to have a partner by a certain age or due to your professional standing.

-Believe they can change the person – They may think they can change a person’s behaviour, or the person will miraculously change despite not seeing any genuine signs.

-Past traumas– People tend to stay in unfulfilling, unhealthy, and even toxic relationships due to trauma bonds because of past negative experiences. Physical, emotional, or psychological abuse can cause someone to feel like they’re not worthy of having someone better or being in a healthier relationship. However, this moves into the therapy space and away from coaching.

Mia Fields is a professional dating coach, also known as The Emergent Woman on social media. She helps women get the right partner by developing the best dating strategy and avoiding unnecessary heartbreak.

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