David Muir’s Romantic Life Is Highly Secretive, Here’s Why


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David Muir is a famous American journalist who works for ABC News. He typically appears on ’20/20′, where he is a co-anchor. He’s also the host of ‘World News Tonight With David Muir’. According to AdWeek, David’s show is the most-watched evening newscast in the United States.

Seeing as evening hosts such as The View’s greatest enemy Bill O’Reilly and the M.I.A. Matt Lauer are no longer newscasters due to their controversies, it’s not surprising someone as charismatic as David has been able to blow up in popularity.


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David has also been recognized for his attractiveness, being named one of People’s Sexiest Men of 2014. This has caused people to wonder why his romantic life is so very secretive.

There are some rumors about his love life, but there really isn’t any proof of a past relationship of any kind. This has caused rumors of him possibly not being into women, but there’s no proof or even rumors of any relationships with men. David’s life really is private, but there are some nuggets of information that could be the tip of the iceberg to finding out about David’s true love life behind the scenes.

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Here’s everything to know about David and his “secret” love life.

Who Is David Muir?

As with David’s love life, his personal life is also pretty private and secretive. His background is pretty open, however. David was born in 1973 in Syracuse, New York. According to Gotham, David was born into a Catholic family that consisted of three siblings in total, although two of them were step-siblings.

From an early age, David had an interest in journalism. Unlike most children his age, who were into Star Wars or sports, David had a pretty big love for watching the news. He cited Peter Jennings as a major influence on his life and abilities as a newscaster. In high school, David interned at the local news station. From there, he used that internship as a platform to attend Georgetown University where he studied Journalism as well as Political Journalism. His whole life has pretty much revolved around journalism.

David then bounced around local news shows in New York and Massachusetts. His successes there would end up a lower-level role at ABC News. During that time, he posted a blog about the hurricane, which racked up a ton of internet views at the time. From that point on, he would travel around the world to report major crises as they happened. Once he became the host of ABC World News, the rest was history.

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David’s also pretty big on social media. He currently has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram, which pales in comparison to the millions of viewers who routinely tune in to his show. It still is a sizable number.

Everything To Know About David Muir’s Romantic Life

There are a lot of secret celebrity relationships that only see the light through rumors and gossip. There’s of course the super secretive Madonna and Tupac love affair, and lately, Keke Palmer has been in an intensively private relationship. So, what’s there to know about David’s romantic life?

To describe David’s love life as private is putting it lightly.

The only thing that has ever been public about David’s love life is a blog post on Jezebel from a close friend and work associate of David’s. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. The post itself seems like some sort of joke that the writer made specifically for David, as she announced that she was severely devoted to David. She also called him a monster, which once again seems like a joke. The only sign this was a real relationship was that this writer did go on a personal, international trip with David to Europe.

There has to be more though, right?

There’s always been rumors about dating other news anchors and co-workers. One very famous rumor that has persisted has been a relationship with Kelly Ripa. That relationship just seems to be a really close friendship, that maybe one day could turn into something more serious.

At the very least, his constant status of being single has let millions of fans dream of being the one he settles down with.

How Does David Muir Feel About Amy Robach And TJ Holmes?

Unfortunately, romance has recently been a part of David’s public life. It isn’t his love life, but the romance has hit close to home. Fellow ABC hosts T.J Holmes and Amy Robach have had an affair with each other, despite being married to different people.

How has David responded to this?

David is one of many ABC anchors that is upset with this fiasco. According to Page Six, David “wants no part” of their scandal. This whole affair contrasts with the way David handles his private life. While it’s not just David that has a problem, clearly someone who is so keen on keeping his personal life drama-free has a natural opposition to this sort of wrongdoing.

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