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Relationship tips: People who desire to rekindle a romance should carefully consider whether doing so is a smart decision. It’s possible that the person you dumped or who dumped you, is still around. Your reasons for breaking up with someone could still be valid. Or perhaps you’re just considering a reconciliation for the wrong reasons. 

The period right after the breakup can be extremely difficult, especially when you parted ways as a consequence of a problem like cheating, or emotional unavailability. Things do get better with time, and you start to feel better emotionally. But it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t miss the moments you shared and the memories you made with your ex. Such ideas can occasionally make you second-guess your decision to end the relationship.

Let’s look at the causal factors of your wish to reunite with your ex, 5 possible reasons, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and how to move on.

1. Confusion between feelings of lust and love

It may seem impossible to define love, but it is possible. Love is defined as a kind, loyal, and intense emotional connection.

On the other hand, sexual chemistry is more about physical attraction than it is about a strong emotional bond.  However, intimate sex does involve sexual desire, sexual sensations, and a strong, long-lasting bond.

So be sure to ask yourself if you are going back for love or physical fulfilment.

2. Could become emotionally abusive

If you do get back with your ex, it could result in your partner mistreating you and causing you the same emotional torment despite knowing full well that you would return to them. You need to stop engaging in this type of emotional abuse immediately.


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3. Unfriendly

A true friend accepts you for who you are. They offer love and respect. It’s fun to hang out with friends. Something essential was lacking if you aren’t still friends with your ex. Existing research indicates that the sustainability of a stable relationship relies on friendship.


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4. Communication problem

Connection is built on communication. Recognize that you deserve a partner who cares about you and communicates appropriately if your ex swept things under the rug, avoided difficult conversations, or acted aggressively and yelled. 

Although arguments arise in every relationship, nasty arguments can end relationships. These issues could also influence a rekindled relationship if you or your ex-partner have not improved your communication skills.

5. You could be just settling and compromising

It doesn’t matter who caused the breakup; the fact is that it took place, I t occurred because nobody felt fulfilled by it. You might have believed that the relationship wasn’t working or that you deserved more. Going back to the same person would be clearly settling and robbing yourself of the happiness and mental peace you deserve.


Love comes naturally, but if it causes you pain, you should definitely avoid it or get in touch with a qualified professional who can help you cope with difficult emotions and build resilience.

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