Dating Sunday 2023: The Busiest Singles’ Day All Year


Dating Sunday 2023 is hyped to be bigger than ever. For online daters looking to kick off the New Year by making real connections with like-minded singles, Dating Sunday offers the perfect opportunity.

So, if you’ve seen #datingsunday trending on your social media feeds, we’ve put together an extensive guide covering everything you need to know about one of the biggest days of the year for online daters. Find out all you need to know below!

What Is Dating Sunday?

Simply put, Dating Sunday is the first Sunday in January which traditionally sees the highest number of active online daters. The history of Dating Sunday goes back to at least 2015 and has been growing rapidly year after year. Recently, it’s even been called the “Superbowl of online dating” because of how many people tune in! 

In an already busy season for the online dating community — which starts with cuffing season — Dating Sunday is a high point of interaction and connection, with the hype carrying through to Valentine’s Day! 

What Is Dating Sunday and What Makes It So Special?

When it comes to finding the best day for online dating, it’s hard to look past Dating Sunday. This year the big day falls on January 8, 2023, and we’re predicting that it’ll offer the ideal opportunity to make new, meaningful connections online! Traditionally the busiest day of the year for online daters,

The popularity of Dating Sunday has increased in recent years. Its proximity to the holidays, together with the fact that Sundays traditionally have a high number of users in online dating, create the perfect recipe for online daters to make new, meaningful connections. Dating Sunday 2023 is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

What to Expect on the Big Day

With an estimated 53 million online daters in the US, Dating Sunday 2023 has the potential to be bigger than ever. But, what should you expect from the big day?

Millions of messages are expected to be sent on the Zoosk platform during Dating Sunday 2023. This messaging frenzy is likely to peak around 8 pm local time, with online daters often dubbing this period as “Magic Hour”.

Alongside messaging uplifts and the significant number of new connections being made, we anticipate that many new members will join Zoosk on January 8, 2023.

How to Make the Most of Dating Sunday: 3 Top Tips

Now that we’re well into the stage of dating post-pandemic, there’s no better time to make the most of online dating’s high season! The big day offers like-minded singles a great way to meet online and form meaningful, long-lasting connections.

But, before diving into the fun of Dating Sunday though, it’s worthwhile having a few tips and tricks in mind to make sure you get the most out of it. With so many more users getting involved, here are three things that can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Good photos make good first impressions

The very first thing that your matches are going to see of you is your profile picture. This might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Instead, use it as an excuse to create some eye-catching new shots. Top tip: The soft lighting of winter can be pretty favorable. So, pull on your cutest winter jumper and head out into the snow to snap a few outdoor selfies. 

2. Prepare your profile

So, you’ve sparked their interest with an eye-catching photo and now you want to keep their interest alive with an engaging Zoosk profile? Don’t worry, doing this doesn’t mean having to resort to the old online dating clichés about traveling or nights out.

The last few years have impacted all our social lives and it’s okay for your profile to reflect this. Mention your favorite Netflix binge or the top projects that got you’ve worked on and let the convo flow.

3. Take the first step

Snapping a stunning photo and crafting a memorable profile aren’t the only parts involved when it comes to making the most of online dating’s busiest season. To really get the best out of Dating Sunday, be proactive when you come across a profile you like. Remember, millions of messages are expected to be sent on Zoosk on January 8, so a standard “Hello” probably isn’t going to be the most engaging conversation starter.

Instead, read through the profile you’re interested in and craft your opening message from there. This’ll create a much more personalized and memorable icebreaker than the tried and tested opening lines.

Jump Into Dating Sunday 2023!

Ready to make the most of Dating Sunday 2023, the best and busiest day of the year for singles?

Sign up on Zoosk to start connecting with like-minded singles today! Have fun, stay open, and enjoy it! You never know who is out there waiting to meet you too!

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