Dating Ideas for Young Men Looking to Meet Older Women


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The idea of dating older women seems quite attractive to many men. Some figure out how good relationships with mature ladies are because of their experience, knowledge and maturity, which can be trusted. Someone manages to come to this point right away, while others try dates with both younger and older women. Gaining experience with cougars can be tricky because most men don’t dare to approach them, let alone take them on dates. If only they knew, attractive older women aren’t half as scary as men think.

Learn How to Ask a Cougar Out on a First Date

Before planning a real date, you have to worry about finding a lady. But, and keep this in your mind all the time, the key is not to worry. Yes, we see what we did there; the pun is intended. But stay on topic. We’re about to reveal the secrets any guy can use to get dates with cougars. It works offline and online, and you’ll hate us after seeing what it is. And that’s fine as long as you don’t hate yourself because the key to seducing any woman is confidence. Without that, you can never get close to asking a cougar out. Not in a bar, or the best site in the area, nowhere. It doesn’t matter how good the site is and how active women there are. If you don’t dare to talk to them, they won’t know you exist.

Look for patterns while chatting with various women on a dating platform for older women looking for younger men, which can be found easily nowadays. Make use of special features such platforms offer to make the conversation flow smoothly. Your brain will soon learn to recognize the best moments to ask women out. Depending on your previous dating experience, you’ll blow more or fewer chances in the process. But when you master the communication skills, you’ll become unstoppable.

When the moment to pop a question comes (calm down, we mean Will you go on a date with me?), be direct and try to look like you do that all day, every day. If you meet online, don’t wait too long before asking her out because she’ll think something is wrong with you.

Work Out a Plan

Soon, you’ll realize scoring dates with cougars is easier than you think. Then, you’ll face another problem – coming up with date ideas. If the age difference is too big, it can happen that a couple doesn’t have anything in common. That leaves a casual hookup as the only activity they can do together. That’s 100% ok. Many older women and younger men don’t want anything more than that. But some do. And they want to have memorable dates. The best strategy for planning dates with older women is following the steps below:

  • find out what her interests are (and if she has any special wishes);
  • arrange everything (transportation, food, accommodation, etc.);
  • pitch her the date idea that goes well with her (and your) interests;
  • don’t show hesitation because cougars are like wild animals; they can sense fear;
  • don’t freak out if something unplanned happens during the date (be ready for such things).

5 Date Ideas Older Ladies Might Like

Now, you know that being confident and figuring out what your (potential) partner likes to do is the strategy. But getting dates ideas is still tricky, so we’ll share some with you.

This is a bad idea if you meet an older lady who doesn’t like wine, but most people enjoy it. Other than the wine and your partner, the location determines if you’ll have a good time. That’s why it’s a safe bet to take any wine enthusiast on a local wine tasting event. Even if your lady tasted every wine in the area, going on a tour with you is different. Wine relaxes people, so you can expect to bond more over a glass of wine than coffee. Add a bit of uniqueness into the mix, and you’ll have one of the best dates ever.

Stargazing is one of the most romantic couple activities (and most affordable). If you live in a big city, it can be difficult to see stars, so you may have to get creative. Try to get the keys to some rooftop, or better yet, take her out of the city. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Tell her to bring a blanket. You take snacks and drinks. Pick her up and drive into the darkness. When you find the spot, sit under the sky; admire its beauty.

Women love dancing regardless of their age. The dance they like may be related to their age, but most would pick dancing over the fancy dinerevery day of the week. If you’re a decent dancer, get ready, that mature lady you have in mind might fall for you harder than you think.

  • Hiking Through the Forest

Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to bond with your partner. Hiking beneath the treetops while birds sing and wind plays with branches… That’s a date you’ll want to do again.

  • Do Something Neither of You Has Done Before

The best dates are those that you remember forever. The best way to make memories is to get new experiences. So if you want to have a great time with your cougar, plan an activity you never tried. Having the firsts together is like a cheat code for bonding. Do something new, and you can’t fail.

Now, you have not only ideas for dating older woman, but also a few notes on where to find them, how to ask them out and show your good side. Younger men do appreciate more mature partners for their experience and stability, so cougar dating is not uncommon these days.

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