Couple’s show mixes Broadway tunes, own love story


“There are a lot of married couples that can sing but I don’t believe there’s another that can sing and dance like us,” Desi said. “When you’ve already said or sang all the words, then all there is left to do is dance. It’s a heightened experience, which is a very emotional mix for people. I don’t think you’ll see any married couples doing what we do and that’s what sets us apart.

“Everyone can connect to this music too,” she continued. “It’s nothing new and poppy. This is music that was created years ago, in a different time, and people really connect with it. It reminds them of a time when people did go dancing. It’s a little different now.”

With its dance component, “Nic+Desi: Broadway Song, Dance and Romance” has more dynamism than a traditional Miami Valley Community Concert Association program.

“It’s a two-act show that’s packed with songs ranging from Broadway to jazz standards,” Nicolas said. “It’s a lot of songs and it’s mostly Desi and I singing and dancing. There’s a lot of fun and a lot of banter. We tell stories about how we met and what we do. We incorporate our little daughter in there. It’s heartfelt and heartwarming.”

While much of the program is made up of well-known songs, the Dromards put their own unique spin on the material.

“People get to come in and hear music they’ve heard before but in a different way because we’re two different people,” Desi said. “We hope we inspire them and make them want to get up and dance, maybe not during the show, but after. We want to bring something special to them. We want to give them something they haven’t seen in a long time since live performances haven’t really been happening. I think they’ll really enjoy it.”

Sound and vision

Like many performers, Nicolas and Desi created videos and streaming content during the coronavirus lockdowns. They filmed at home in New York and also while on an extended stay in California.

“COVID completely canceled our plans so we decided to spend some time in southern California,” Nicolas said. “Our daughter, who is now four, was two at the time. Desi’s family lives there and they have a pool and a few extra bedrooms for us. Since nothing was happening in New York, we grabbed the two dogs, the houseplant and our daughter and we drove a week to California and spent the next four months there.”

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The warm weather and open spaces provided new opportunities for video shoots.

“We have so many friends that literally didn’t work on anything,” Desi said. “It was a hard time and we were lucky because we have each other so we could go, ‘Let’s do this …’ If you’re alone or don’t have a significant other, doing what we do, it’s not the same. We were very lucky to have each other in that time. We started creating the online virtual shows and that really evolved.

“We really enjoyed that challenge,” she continued. “The people, our fans and friends and family, would tune in every couple of months and we’d put on a show virtually. We did something for people and for ourselves. That really brought people together. Executing those videos can be difficult sometimes but it’s very rewarding.”

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What: Miami Valley Community Concert Association presents “Nic+Desi: Broadway Song, Dance and Romance”

Where: Centerville Performing Arts Center, Centerville High School, 500 E. Franklin St., Centerville

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6

Cost: $35 adults, $5 students; season tickets are $90 adults, $15 students

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