Clara Amfo on why her new dating show Written In The Stars has the edge over Love Island



lara Amfo is confident her new series has the edge on rival dating shows and the hint is in the name.

Streaming service Discovery+ UK on which Written In The Stars is being shown, describes it as “Love Island meets Married At First Sight but with horoscopes”.

The premise sees 12 singles couple up in a Greek villa based on their star signs and guided by a trio of astrologers – oh and they all have to sleep in single beds, but how long will that last?

“I’m really proud of the show because I think there’s diversity and there’s a lovely integrity about it,” Amfo, 38, told the Standard. “The intention of it is about long-lasting relationships, but it’s also about how to be in a relationship healthily.

Written In The Stars sees 12 singles couple up in a Greek villa based on their star signs

/ Mark Engelen/Discovery+

“I think whether you’re the biggest believer in astrology, you think this is not real or are quite indifferent, people will enjoy it.”

Describing filming as “intense,” the Radio 1 DJ – a proud Gemini – says she came away totally sold, adding: “I was like ‘this is legit to me’”.

“One of the things about relationships is they hold a mirror to you – they show the best things about yourself, but also, they show you the not so great things about yourself. I think all those things are dealt with head-on in the show.

“They are basically getting intense relationship coaching which you can probably pay in the thousands for [but] they are getting it for free in a beautiful house in Greece. It’s interesting how it all plays out.”

At the time of writing, her mum, Grace Amfo, has yet to watch an episode and give her feedback, but she says it will inevitably happen.

“She’ll probably tell me off for wearing something too booby or too leggy,” she laughed.

Mrs Amfo has won a legion of fans thanks to snippets of text conversations the former Strictly star has shared online, including commenting on her outfit choices to asking “who’s this lady?” when she sent her a picture of Lady Gaga at a premiere.

“I’ve accepted in this point in time Grace Amfo is a bigger deal than me and it’s ok,” she added.

Elsewhere, she is busy “doing a bit of writing” and working on her popular This City podcast which sees her explore London through some of the capital’s most famous faces and she says people will get to hear “soon”.

“I only want to speak to people that I’m genuinely interested in rather than just get fillers on to make sure it’s on every month,” she adds.

Clara Amfo joked that her mum Grace is a ‘bigger deal’ than her

/ Clara Amfo

Asked who would be her dream podcast guest, she doesn’t hesitate – “Naomi Campbell”.

The Lambeth-born supermodel ticks all the boxes for Amfo.

“When it comes to iconic Londons I think she would be fab. She’d be a good time and also she’s my fellow Gemini.”

Written In The Stars is available to stream now on Discovery+.

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