Chinese woman dates over 100 men in a year in search of love, and a baby


Beijing woman, who goes by the nickname Baozhuzi, wants to have a baby before she is 35. Jinan Times

Beijing: A Chinese woman’s quest for love and a child has once again renewed an ongoing debate about the intense pressure the fairer sex in China face to marry as quickly as possible.

The Beijing woman, who goes by the nickname Baozhuzi, started dating in late 2021 after a painful time when she lost both her job and relationship.

The 32-year-old was working at a Beijing tech firm in a well-paid job and was thinking about marriage with her boyfriend of eight years, when in 2021, he suddenly ended their relationship. Two weeks later, she lost her job.

Over the next year, Baozhuzi dated more than 100 men, approaching the experience, both as dating and observation of different types of men. The woman dated a man from a finance background, a musician as well as prospective boyfriends from different cultural backgrounds, at one time even going on three dates in a single day.

The woman was interviewed about her experiences in a documentary report by NetEase News in which she admitted she was trying to move on from her former boyfriend but said she was looking for someone who shared her desire to have a baby.

The woman, however, revealed, “I don’t have any pressure to get married before a certain age, but I do want to have a baby before I’m 35.”

Pressure for women to get married also comes from Chinese culture, where traditional values remain strongly embedded. Traditional values associate women success with marriage and child birth.

When asked how she thought of single women above 30, Baozhuzi admitted women should not be limited in their choices by age and should pursue their goals regardless of age.

After a year of dating, Baozhuzi now has a new boyfriend whom she met in November. Looking back at the experience she said, “You can work hard on everything except for love. You cannot expect to be rewarded in love.”

As per a report in SCMP, online opinion about her choice is divided with many stating that a woman’s life should not be decided by marriage, while others said she was brave for being honest about her desire for marriage and a baby.

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