China’s New Dating Trend Involves Kissing A Stranger


The rules specify that there won’t be any relationship with a ‘mouth buddy’.

A bizarre new dating trend is gaining prominence in China, in which people meet strangers online for anonymous kissing sessions, according to a report in South China Morning post (SCMP). It is called ‘zui you‘ in Mandarin, which translates to ‘mouth buddies’ in English, according to the outlet. The trend has divided social media users in the country, which has seen a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Some users also offered advice to youngsters who want to hop on the trend.

The rules specify that a ‘mouth buddy’ is only meant for kissing, and there won’t be any start of a relationship or sex, the SCMP report said.

Quoting a local outlet named The Paper, SCMP said most of the people did not meet the strangers after the anonymous lip-locking session.

“Actually, I know some people who kissed each other, but did not become lovers. So kissing is common, not a big deal,” Guan Li, a university student, was quoted as saying by the outlet.

“Enjoying the present is the most important thing for me. With a kissing partner, I can feel like I am kissing a person I love,” she added.

An Arts student said she tried the ‘mouth buddy’ trend because working on the thesis paper left her with little time to start a relationship.

Another student named Cheng Peng that SCMP spoke to said “kissing can comfort people physically and psychologically” and is less complicated than a sexual relationship.

Weibo users offered advice to people who want to try the ‘zui you‘ trend. One of them, a woman with surname Zhang, said she kissed a men she met at a cinema hall in Beijing. She warned women not to agree to kiss people in places such as bars, alleyways or a person’s home, according to SCMP.

“Kissing carries health hazards. It can spread millions of germs, including dangerous bacteria. So if you are concerned, you can ask your potential kissing partner to show a health check-up report,” said Zhang.

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