Charlie Puth Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?


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Charlie Puth is off the market, folks! The singer-songwriter just revealed that he has a girlfriend and is “in love” during an episode of The Howard Stern Show that aired on October 18. Keep reading to uncover how they met and if wedding bells are in their future.

Is Charlie Puth Single?

“I’m with somebody now,” Charlie revealed to Howard Stern, adding that he’s “in love.” The interviewer went on to ask about the pair’s future. “Do you think this is it,” Howard inquired. “Yes,” the “Light Switch” artist replied without hesitation.

“[She’s] someone that I grew up with,” Charlie explained without dropping his girlfriend’s name. “As my life gets more turbulent and I travel everywhere, it’s really nice to have someone close to you that you’ve known for a really long time.”

The “Left and Right” artist then dished that his current flame is from the same small town in New Jersey that he grew up in. “She’s always been very, very nice to me and I would assume that when times inevitably are hard in the future, because what is life without valleys and peaks, she would be there for me as well,” he said.

Is Charlie Puth Engaged?

Additionally, the perfect pitch pop star opened up about if wedding bells are in the couple’s future. “If I do [pop the question], certainly the media won’t know about it … I’ll go out of my way to make sure they don’t know … It becomes too much,” Charlie assured.

On top of his love life, Charlie also discussed dealing with his anxiety around people.

“Honestly, I get so scared of people now, like I can’t really walk anywhere for whatever reason, and I think the more that happens the more I just want to retreat to someone that I’ve known for a long time,” he said of his decision to simplify things. “I’m, not really interested in going out like I used to and being crazy.”

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