Celebs Go Dating’s Bethan Kershaw breaks silence on row with Chloe Ferry and reveals why they’re not talking


GEORDIE Shore star Bethan Kershaw has dished the dirt on her relationship with best mate Chloe Ferry after accusing her co-star of “ignoring” her.

Bethan, 28, – who is currently starring on Celebs Go Dating in the hope of finding lasting romance – exclusively told of the state of play between the previously-inseparable pair.


Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw has opened up on her friendship with BFF Chloe FerryCredit: Instagram
The duo were previously inseparable - but Bethan claims she felt 'ignored' by her pal


The duo were previously inseparable – but Bethan claims she felt ‘ignored’ by her palCredit: Instagram

While her romantic life might be looking rosy, after she exclusively teased a spark with a Love Island star, her friendship might need more work.

Bethan explained cracks in her friendship with Chloe, 27, came after the salon owner’s father passed away from cancer last December.

The influencer told us: “When we were filming, we hadn’t spoke, and it was the case of she felt like I wasn’t there for her with a really traumatic part of her life, and I felt like I was, and I think it’s two perceptions that are just never going to agree.

“I can respect her opinion, and I’ve apologised, and I’ve said, ‘I’m really sorry, and I really hope that you didn’t feel like I was purposely doing that,’ because it’s not in my nature.

“I’m an empath, and I look after people. I look after the people around me, I check in on people, I spend time with my close friends, and my family, and things like that. So I wouldn’t purposely not be there for someone. It’s just not in my nature.”:

Taking a mature approach, Bethan continued: “I can respect that she’s got her opinion, and I’ve got my opinion, and it’s just two different opinions, and you’re not always going to agree with things.

“She was hurting, she lost her dad, and grief does a lot of things to you, and you do kind of lash out with the people around you, because you just need to deal with the pain.

“So I’m happy for that to happen, though, because she’s my best friend, and if she felt that way, then I respect that that’s her opinion on it.”

Reassuring her legions of Geordie Shore fans the pair will be OK, she concluded: “We are still friends.

“We’ve cleared the air and things like that, but I think it’s more of a case of how it kind of panned out, of her kind of completely ignoring me, and not actually talking about it. I don’t believe in that. I need to hash the situation out, I need to speak about it, and for her, I think she’s quite avoidant.

“So I think in that aspect, it really did break us apart, because I also need my boundaries met as well as her boundaries met. So it’s just a tough one.

“I think we are friends, we just need to build that trust up again. I got really hurt in the situation, because it was just a lot to deal with. I had to do a lot of introspection of it, and I had to kind of look at myself, and be like, ‘Was I there for her?’

“I was questioning myself, and everything, but yeah, we’re on good terms. We do go out, we do speak, we FaceTime, and we are on good terms. I think we’ll just keep seeing each other and we’ll just get back to normal.”

The duo were often spotted on boozy nights out on the Toon – captured both on and off screen.

On the most wild occasion, they were seen snogging in the back of a cab.

They often documented their time together, including on lavish spa days.

Cracks in their friendship began to show following the death of Chloe's father last year


Cracks in their friendship began to show following the death of Chloe’s father last yearCredit: MTV
Bethan said the pair need to 'rebuild the trust' but they were currently friends


Bethan said the pair need to ‘rebuild the trust’ but they were currently friendsCredit: Instagram
Meanwhile, Bethan is hoping to find love on Celebs Go Dating


Meanwhile, Bethan is hoping to find love on Celebs Go DatingCredit: E4

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