Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson exposes backstage bad habit that’s never shown on-screen


CELEBS Go Dating’s Anna Williamson has exposed backstage bad habit that makes her bond with co-star Paul C Brunson so special.

The dating agent revealed she breaks wind in front of her on-screen partner – but it’s never shown on screen.


Close pals Paul C Brunson, Anna and Tom Read Wilson sat down with The Sun to discuss the latest series

Quizzed on her relationship with Paul – who also presents Married At First Sight – Anna told The Sun: “What I would say is no one farts in front of Paul quite like me.”

Paul laughed: “I have never been farted on like I have with Anna.”

The agents have formed a close bond over the last 11 series of filming.

Anna claims the latest bunch of singleton stars gave away the key reason why they signed up – and it wasn’t just about finding love or collecting a massive pay cheque.

This year’s “savvy” cast wanted to throw themselves into “free therapy” from Anna and Paul, which the show has become famous for.

Alongside matchmaking famous faces over the past 11 series, the dynamic duo spend time discovering who the celebs really are behind the bravado.

Paul told The Sun: “The core reason for the success of CGD is the authenticity of the agency that’s driven by us – and that’s not ego talking.

“It’s that the celebrities know they can come and be part of a great show, collect a great cheque, make some great friends and get some actual therapy… then on top of it find love.”

Anna agreed, adding: “Even after the show, anyone who needs our help further, we’re there.

“Once you start having coaching and therapy it doesn’t just stop when someone says that’s a wrap on filming.

“That’s what surprises our celebrities, that we continue to deliver even after the show ends.

“We do that with pride because we love our job.

“We can always see the penny drop in them.

“Everyone had a moment this series where they had a good cry.”

This year’s series sees the likes of Simon Cowell’s BFF SinittaHollyoaks heart-throb Gary Lucy and Love Island winner Liam Reardon show their vulnerable side in a bid to find lasting love.

Anna added: “Actually more and more are starting to cotton on and for the first time, the majority of this year’s cast who signed up said ‘I knew I was going to get a load of free therapy’.

“That’s because we’re really bloody expensive when we’re not on the telly,” laughed Anna – who added: “I’m just joking.”

“That was such a great way to start the show for us. Knowing that, yes they earn a pay cheque, they make friends, go on lovely dates and are on the telly, that they really wanted that side.

“It’s indicative of coming out of the pandemic. We’re all a bit broken and have PTSD from the past couple of years.”

Anna and Paul say they’re “proud” of the show they’ve helped to developed alongside celeb confidante and senior client coordinator Tom Read Wilson.

They believe part of its success is down to the real-life friendship the trio have outside of filming.

Anna continued: “We’re deeply proud of the relationship we have professionally and personally. It really is quite rare to be in this weird and wonderful of telly to meet people who you genuinely value and love. We care about each other’s families and everything.

“That’s why when it comes around, I check these two have signed up and say ‘we’re in’ – if not I might have to think about it.

“The relationship between us filters through to the celebs too. It’s a very warm place to work.

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“Telly can go through these silly ups and downs of toxicity.

“What’s lovely is we’ve always stood true to our values. We’re proud to have got to series 11 of the show.”

Anna is back helping famous faces find love on Celebs Go Dating


Anna is back helping famous faces find love on Celebs Go DatingCredit: Goff

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