Cast member of dating program ‘Love Catcher in Bali’ gains attention for looking like actress Han So Hee


A contestant on ‘Love Catcher in Bali‘ is attracting attention for looking like an actress.

On an online community forum, all eyes turned to a particular female cast member on TVING‘s new dating program. As a cast member of ‘Love Catcher in Bali,’ Lee Yoo Jung gained spotlight for her visual similarity to Han So Hee

Not only that—netizens said she also resembled Oh My Girl‘s YooA, actress Kim Tae Hee, male skater Cha Joon Hwan, actresses Kim Yoo Jung, Song Hye Kyo, and Jung Si Ah, and even NewJeans‘s Danielle.  

Netizens expressed love for her visuals, but some remarked that she did not look like Han So Hee, despite being beautiful.

Reactions include:

Wow she is so pretty. She doesn’t look like Han So Hee but she sure is pretty

I think she is even prettier than Han So Hee??

I watched this show and she is SO pretty, even prettier in videos

Wow her visuals are so my type!
She kind of looks like a mixed-race Song Hye Kyo?

She looks like Song Hye Kyo
She is a mix of Danielle and Kim Yoo Jung

More like YooA
She is prettier in moving images
So beautiful. How come there so many beautiful non-celebrities these days? It’s daebak.”

Do her visuals also remind you of a particular celebrity?

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