Cardi B praised for dating advice inspired by Queen Consort Camilla


Cardi B has offered up dating advice inspired by Queen Consort Camilla while she catches up on The Crown.

The “WAP” rapper has been tweeting her reactions as she watched the popular Netflix series that fictionalises the lives of the British royal family.

Her advice came after she seemingly arrived at the third episode of season four, which charts the events following King Charles III’s (then the Prince of Wales) proposal to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The episode sees Charles asking Diana to meet Camilla Parker-Bowles, with whom Charles was rumoured to be having an affair, while he went on tour to Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Washington, and Williamsburg.

But it was Camilla’s laid-back demeanour in her relationship with Charles that left an impression on Cardi.

She tweeted on Thursday night (8 December): “One thing I notice is that Camilla treat Charles like s***… Sooo ladies if you want a man to chase you, act like THE CHASE don’t do the CHASING!”

The rapper’s fans found her advice helpful for navigating romance and were also tickled by her delayed reactions to the show, which aired in 2020.

“I need this lowkey,” one person said, while another joked: “In my treat em like s*** era.”

A third said: “Never chase. Oldest rule in the book, ladies.”

While watching the episode, Cardi also questioned why Charles wished for Diana to get to know Camilla. According to Andrew Morton’s 1992 biography, Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, it was Camilla who asked to meet Diana for lunch while Charles was away.

The book quotes Diana as saying she organised the lunch, which turned out to be “very tricky, very tricky indeed”.

Cardi tweeted: “Why would Charles want Diana to hang out with Camilla? The NERVE the f***!”

In another tweet, Cardi referred to a scene where Camilla sends Diana a note congratulating her on her engagement to Charles. She said: “Camilla think she slick sending congrats notes to Diana… I wish a b**** would.”

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